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Start a Business with www.WildWeapons.com!

Although we already offer some of the lowest prices on the internet, we are happy to offer you wholesale knives, wholesale swords, and other weapons at an even greater discount.

New to the business? If you're here, you probably already love knives, swords, and other bladed weapons. Why not take a hobby and turn it into a profitable business?

Bladed weapons can be sold in just about any venue and are the ultimate impulse buy. Unlike many products that you can find in any mass market store, knives and swords are typically only sold in specialty stores and still enjoy an excellent markup. This business is easy for anyone to get started in with any volume! Sell from home, on the internet, at a kiosk, at swap meets and flea markets, or just about anywhere else!

Already selling weapons? We would be happy to join your supplier lineup. And because of our easy ordering system, you can buy from us in any volume you want to, from relying on us exclusively to letting us fill your needs when your other supplier changes their catalog or is out of stock.

Here at wildweapons.com, we're not going to jerk you around. We'll tell you right up front that other wholesalers will give you a better discount PERCENTAGE. We could offer you a 60% discount too if we tripled our everyday selling prices! The discount you will get from us is a modest wholesale discount, however you'll find that your prices are lower when you buy from us because our prices are so low to begin with. Plus, we offer accurate inventory and next business day shipping, allowing you to order as needed and preserve your capital.

If you're going to sell products locally, don't try to price them as they are priced on our website! People know and understand that buying retail is more expensive, and because all our products ship in plain packaging, your customers don't have to know about your suppliers. You should sell at a minimum of double our everyday selling prices, and up to three times as much.

Here are a few more benefits of finding your wholesale knives here:

  • Selling online? We Dropship at no extra charge. You might also find that some of your local customers will want something shipped to their door (especially if you are out of something) - we do that as well!
  • Selling online? We can give you copies of our product data that makes importing our products a breeze.
  • Because we move so many products, we can give you meaningful advice about what sells, and therefore what products you should carry.
  • Getting a wholesale account is easy. We aren't like some other wholesalers who try to exclude you from the game if you haven't been in business for 30 years. Plus, we only have one wholesale discount level, so you can compete with the big guys right out of the gate.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to set up your wholesale account!

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Products listed on this site do not ship sharpened. Our decorative swords and knives are only for use as wall hangars.
None of our products are designed to cause injury or provide a confrontational advantage.
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