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The Different Type of RC helicopters

Remote Control Helicopters vary in different ways. One significant variance is the source of power of how these helicopters derive their power. There are three main types of RC Helicopters according to their power source - The Nitro RC helicopter, the Gas RC helicopter, and the Electric RC helicopter. The Nitro Helicopters are powered by Nitrogen and are usually the kind that people use when joining competitions such as the Helicopter World Cup Championships. These nitro -powered helicopters are quite complicated yet they really have good functions that are perfect for joining competitions. They come in different sizes, all depending on the size of the engine. It has sizes 15,30,50,60 and 90. The larger the main rotor blade it has, the more it can turn and the bigger the RC helicopter. For a fuel -powered engine, this is the most cost efficient RC Gas Helicopter there is. Normal flying time for a nitro powered RC helicopter is 7 to 14 minutes, but this depends on the size of the engine and the condition that it is in. The Gas RC helicopter, however, is what is said to be the closest thing to flying an actual helicopter. This is definitely not for the beginner pilots because the skills needed to fly, are more advanced and it costs much more to purchase, and requires more time and expenses to maintain. The fuel used for this is regular gasoline mixed with two-cycle engine oil. The Gas RC helicopters are usually larger and are more stable and can very well handle windy weather. In fact, it functions best in this kind of weather condition with a certain wind speed requirement, needed to have the ultimate flying experience. Because they are large, they are easier to spot in the air giving it due attention and distinction. That fact that it has gas in it makes the helicopter fly more like the real thing. The weight from the gas keeps it stable. The third type is the Electric RC helicopter. This is definitely the most popular kind there is. This is because it is the cheapest kind and it is easier to maintain. The electric-powered helicopters are also the fastest growing kind in the world of remote control toys. This is definitely the suggested kind of RC helicopter for all the beginner pilots out there who want to start flying their own RC helicopters. The batteries used are lithium, the ones responsible for its stability, lightness in weight to achieve maximum performance. At the onset, the electric ones were only used for indoor flying. However, larger ones have now been built to be used outdoors. They have been manufactured with stability, convenience and performance in mind. If there is one thing all these different kind of RC helicopters have in common, it is their flying height. They can only fly to a height where the controller can see or detect the model. Most of the systems have a detection range of over a mile but by that time, the person flying the model would not even be able to see it anymore.

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