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First Time Buyer of RC Helicopters Some think that all remote controlled helicopters are they same but they�re not. Some all small, while others are large. Some have cameras to spy on those people you might view spy-able, while others don�t. There�s just so much difference between one helicopter and another. If this is your first time purchasing a remote controlled helicopter, it�s advised that you start out purchasing a small and affordable one. The last thing that you want to do is purchase a remote controlled helicopter that sets you back a couple hundred dollars and you don�t even enjoy it. For a list of best remote controlled helicopters that suite first time buyers, visit here: indoor rc helicopter Just because you purchase an affordable remote controlled helicopter, it doesn�t mean that you can�t invest more into it with parts like these: double horse 9101 parts. Adding or taking away parts in your remote controlled helicopter can increase speed, heighten performance and many, many more things. To know what to add or to remove, you can visit online forums and receive informative help and advice while investing more into your helicopter. Simply log onto your desired search engine and type in your make and model and within seconds you will be given search results. For future needs of any accessories that may be compatible with your remote control helicopter, visit: syma s032 parts

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