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Salvaging Parts For a good while, you had a Dark Horse helicopter and long story short there�s too much to fix now that�s not worth your time. You were going to trash it but you can�t part with it just yet, unless someone forces you to and that�s good. It�s good because if you were to trash your Dark Horse helicopter, take a second and think about ALL the good and useable parts you just threw away! Any smart person will come along and see a goldmine, snatch the abandoned Dark Horse and rip it apart for parts. It�s called salvaging and you should do the same. Salvaging parts doesn�t mean you have to build another RC helicopter from scratch. You can turn around and sell them or keep them for a rainy day when your new Dark Horse helicopter needs a new part. If you have double horse 9077 parts lying around, you could build a indoor rc helicopter if you like. You can keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone close to you. Handmade things mean more than the priciest item, ever! If you find yourself in the midst of building an RC helicopter but need more rc helicopter parts, you can check online for the best deals. If you want something more local, you can shop around at stores that specifically deal with RC toys and gear. You might score lucky there, too! Also, during your journey of building RC helicopters, at any point in time you need help or advice, seek that on an online forum. There will be plenty of people with experience and the same zeal you share for RC toys.

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