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Robin Hood Broadsword


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Commemorative of something that may or may not have happened, this sword is adorned with images of Robin Hood, John Little, and Friar Tuck. Measuring 47.5" overall with a 37.5" blade, this is a serious sword and is built to the same standards you would expect to see in a combat sword. The width of the blade at its widest point is 2 5/8�. The hilt and guard are metal not plastic or resin; make sure you look for this in any sword that will be used for anything other than display. The blade is mirror polished stainless steel which will survive hundreds of rainy renaissance fairs before it begins to rust.


At this price point, you will be surprised by the quality of the look and feel. You'll be able to tell just by holding it that this is not a toy.

It's a myth that carbon steel blades are superior to stainless steel blades. Stainless steel actually costs more to produce and is shinier naturally, along with being highly resistant to rust. This makes stainless steel a much better material for display or costume swords. The advantage of carbon steel is that it will bend instead of snapping, and is therefore safer to use in combat demonstrations. Stainless steel and carbon steel both have their advantages - be sure to choose the one that suits the true purpose of your weapon.


Comes with an attractive wood backplate.


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