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Thanks to the internet and video websites, there is now an abundance of information available on building with foam, building with carbon and building electric foamies. Something missing? Send us a link!

Depron building tips from a UK supplier

Installing Carbon in EPP with a Dremel Tool

Installing Carbon in a Foamie Wing

YardbirdRC - Using Ultimate RC Glue

Using a Bending Jig for Depron

Depron Airplane built in 60 seconds!

EPP Building

RC Airplane Building - Material Selection

An EPP Airplane!

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RC Foam Biplane

electric rc trainer planes

remote control jet airplanes

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Products listed on this site do not ship sharpened. Our decorative swords and knives are only for use as wall hangars.
None of our products are designed to cause injury or provide a confrontational advantage.
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