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Miniature Simple Katana 3-Piece Set

Cool Swords
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The quality on this miniature three-piece katana set must be seen to be believed. The saya (katana terminology for sheaths) and stand are made from solid wood. The blades are high quality, mirror-polished stainless steel. Because these have no tsuba (katana terminology for guards), they are not ideal for combat. However, at 13" long, that's probably not what you had in mind.

Just like the real thing but a little smaller, these are a perfect addition to any small room. Includes the easy to assemble three-piece wood stand and everything shown. Swords are 14", 11", and 9.5". Stand is 6" high. Makes a great gift! All of our products are packaged in plain brown boxes with no markings to identify our company to make sure no surprises are spoiled.

Fair warning: girls go absolutely crazy for these! Give them as gifts or use them to decorate your entertainment area. Miniature swords maintain your cool but intimidating decoration motif, but you'll notice that any female guests you have will be drawn to these like magnets. An instant conversation starter, make sure you have a good story fabricated about how you came across these.

Cool Swords

**All weapons are for display purposes only - playing with weapons is dangerous!**

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