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Wood Practice Sword

Kendo Equipment
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Have you ever wondered, "I wonder what's the most fun I can have for less than $20"? Wonder no more! Hitting your friends with these wood practice swords is an awesome way to kill a weekend.

Measuring 47" long, they are designed to replicate a real sword so that you can either practice swordplay or discipline misbehaving children or employees without the unfortunate consequences of severed limbs and possible jail time.

They are designed to give with four pieces of wood so that whichever piece hits the target will push back into the sword. It's surprising how hard you can hit someone before risking injury (not that we run around our place of business hitting each other).

Packaged simply with a slide-on guard.

It's hard to understand how cool these are unless you have actually owned one - for the price you can't go wrong! They make a great addition to any order and because the weight is so low, they won't add much to the shipping.

Disclaimer: don't really hit anyone with these.

Kendo Equipment

**All weapons are for display purposes only - playing with weapons is dangerous!**

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