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Nitro: Repairing Pull Starts

Instructions on how to repair your pullstart.
1. Remove and Disassemble the pull start. 2. Begin the reassembly process by inserting the spring into spring slot in the housing. 3. Place the starter spool into the starter housing.
4. Wind up the spring. With one hand, hold the starter spool in place. With your free hand turn the starter housing counter clockwise. 5. Squeeze the end of the spring and insert into the starter housing. While still holding the spring tension with your left hand, insert the end of the starter string through the hole in the starter housing. Pull the string all the way through. 6. Slowly release the spring tension, allowing the string to "wind up". If the string is one or two inches from being tight, loosen the knit, cut off any excess slack and retie the knot securing the handle. If there is excessive slack, repeat steps 5 through 8, with an increase in the number of turns in step 5.
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