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We have black demon katana and more!

Black Demon Katana


Black Cutout Sword


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Black Demon Katana
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This is a great looking sword that feels great to hold and carry and will last a lifetime. When sharpened, the contrast of the edge against the black blade really makes this weapon stand out. The three cutouts from the blade add a great deal of style and uniqueness while decreasing the weight. Comes with the sheath designed to be carried on the back.

The sword has an extra thick, fabric-wrapped grip that makes the sword feel excellent in your hands, lightweight and easy to wield for anyone. High quality, black painted carbon steel blade measures 27.5", sword measures 38.5" overall.

Black Demon Katana

Makes a great gift! All of our products are packaged in plain brown boxes with no markings to identify our company to make sure no surprises are spoiled.

The carbon steel blade makes this weapon safer to use in combat demonstrations when compared with stainless steel blades, because it's less likely to break or snap, while the paint makes it resistant to rusting like a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel and carbon steel both have their advantages - be sure to choose the one that suits the true purpose of your weapon.

Black Demon Katana

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