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Q: I'm looking for a weapon that you don't seem to carry...

A: Everything that we have is available for sale on this website. If you do not see it, please check the Coming Soon section. It is updated frequently, and you may find that your weapon is scheduled to go up for sale very soon.

Q: How much is shipping??

A: Shipping will calculate and apply to your order automatically before you confirm your order. The cost depends on what you order. Just proceed with the checkout normally... it won't be any faster to call us because we still have to input the data to our website to give you an accurate quote.

Q: I have seen weapons similar to yours for up to ten times the cost! What is the difference?

A: If you're talking about other online stores, the difference is that we sell directly to YOU. Many other online retailers have a distributor that has to take a cut, but we manufacture these weapons and then make them available to you 24 hours a day with no middle men. When you buy weapons from a store at the mall you pay an enormous markup because that store may only sell three or four weapons a day, and they have to have huge profits on those few to pay the rent. We ship from a warehouse where the rent is cheap, and we sell MANY weapons each day.

Q: What brand are your parts?

A: Unless otherwise noted in the item description, these are Wild Weapons brand weapons. We do not write our logo all over our swords - if you want to advertise for us, that should be your decision.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Click here for the answer.

Q: Can I preorder a product and have you ship when you get it in stock?

A: We will not take people�s money for an order unless it is in stock and ready to ship. Please Contact Us and ask to be placed on our email list, and we can contact you when your items are ready to be ordered.

Q: Can I pay with a money order/wire transfer?

A: We can accept cash, money orders, or wire transfers for orders totaling over $500 ONLY � no exceptions! There is a $20 wire transfer fee which is imposed by our bank. Paying with a money order or wire transfer will delay your order by up to 3 business days AFTER the payment clears. To use one of these payment methods, please give us an exact list of everything you are looking for and your preferred payment method. We will reply to you with an invoice.

Q: Could I have a discount?

There is a permanent 10% discount available if you link to our website in a forum or website (it must be an actual hyperlink, not just the text) and send us a link to see it.

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Products listed on this site do not ship sharpened. Our decorative swords and knives are only for use as wall hangars.
None of our products are designed to cause injury or provide a confrontational advantage.
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