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Display Sword


Gothic Dragon Sword with Display


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Display Sword
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This display piece can liven up any room or entryway.

Display Sword

The hilt is composed of a dragon as the blade seems to protrude from his mouth while his wings flare to make the guard. He grasps a jewel with is tail. Two more dragons hold the stainless steel blade in place behind the shield. This has a very gothic, hand carved stone look and the attention to detail really shows; one nice detail is that the dragon tails overshoot the backplate slightly. The backplate is the shape of a shield which really ties the whole piece together nicely. Resin sculpture, stainless steel blade, wood backplate. The blade measures 18" while the full sword measures 25". The piece measures 11"x25"x2.5". Includes mounting hardware.

Display Sword

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