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We have letter openers!

Letter Openers


Three Dragon Letter Opener


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Letter Openers
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It screams "powerful" when you need three dragons just to hold your letter opener.

In this attractive display piece that doubles as a very functional letter opener, two dragons hold the blade while the third - well let's just say he's not in great shape. The dagger is modeled after a traditional broadsword and is easy to remove from the sculpture any time you need it.

Letter Openers

Much more than a simple knickknack, you'll be stunned by the quality of the mirror polished stainless steel blade and metal handle. Dragon holding stand is resin with a wood base. The blade is 9", and the whole sculpture with sword is 14"x10.5"x3".

If this will be a gift, please tell us so that we may package it discreetly to avoid spoiling any surprise.

Letter Openers

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