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The Difference Between A Gas RC Helicopter and An Electric RC Helicopter

One main noteworthy difference between an Electric and Gas RC Helicopters other than what makes it work or fly, is the level of expertise you need in order to be able to maintain and fly one. For the beginner pilots, it is more advisable that you buy the Electric RC Helicopter because it's much simpler than the rest. You will not have to worry about the engine or the gas that the RC helicopter will consume. You don't need to spend time reading the manual and understanding it's functions and parts, just so you can fly and use it. As compared to a Gas RC Helicopter, you will have to understand the mechanics of the engine and it's function in order to use it to it's full capacity and maximize it's use. If the electric helicopter fails, you don�t have to figure out how to fix it, it�s probably just the battery, or you have to just change the entire thing. With the gas RC, you need to understand the engine and the parts it comes with in order for you to repair it, or change certain parts whenever it breaks down. The downside of this is, the Electric RC is more of a toy, it's easy to fly, it just glides and does whatever you make it do, that�s it. It does not feel as real as compared to the gas- powered RC helicopter. The gas RC however, is more like the real thing and as good as flying a humungous machine. It is more like flying a real life-size helicopter. Even just the sound of the engine and the gas, is different from that of the electric RC. The gas RC has a louder sound making it more real, allowing it to be more of an experience, giving you thrill and excitement, making it more addicting. With the electric RC, it's silent, making it appear to be more of a toy without a real engine. You don�t get the feel of a real helicopter when you�re flying the electric one. The complexity of the gas RC is one thing that keeps the pilots addicted and more into what they do. It keeps them intrigued and craving for more variations in flight. It's because of the many functions and parts that a gas- powered RC helicopter has, that the pilots have to be familiar with, making them very much into it. You need lots of practice and experience in order to be familiar with the gas RC helicopter as compared to the electric one. You can just set aside the electric RC and play with it when you feel the need. However, owning a gas- powered RC helicopter requires more time and commitment. A visit to an instructor may be a smart way to learn new things. After all, experts know best. The simplicity of the Electric RC Helicopters is perfect for beginners who are still starting out and want to get the feel of it. Which suits you best will really depend on your level of expertise when it comes to flying RC helicopters.

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