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Basic Guidelines in Buying Your First RC Helicopter

Just perfect for people of most ages, this has become an in-thing for the fun-loving and adventurous individuals. If you have the inkling for it and just do not know how, what, where and when to start, then these basic guidelines will be able to shed light before you finally decide in buying your first RC helicopter and blend-in with the latest craze. These days, with the growing popularity of flying RC Helicopters, people had been intrigued on what really is behind this hobby. Flying these miniature machines remotely is just a completely exhilarating experience. You may have doubts as to how the hobby works and some queries as to how to begin, so the first thing that comprises the main requirement is your interest and commitment to the hobby. Time is essential since you need to scout for the most suitable model for you. Time is also important, as you are required to render it to learn the techniques of flying. Next is the budget. As a beginner, there is no need to spend it all-out. One can settle for a reasonably- priced RC Electric Helicopter Being new in the hobby, the most practical advice is to get an electric-powered RC helicopter. Start it out with the electric model mainly because it is easy to control, stable to maneuver, requires lesser maintenance checks and most importantly, light on the budget. There are, however, Gas RC Helicopters, if one chooses to have the feel of the real flying. Another one, whether an electric- powered or gas- powered RC helicopter is the type or style. There are two types: the ready-to-fly (RTF) and the almost-ready-to-fly (ARF). If you want to take it out of the box immediately and with just a quick run- through of the manual, the ready-to-fly (RTF) is the best type for beginners. It is very convenient and user- friendly. Most RTFs are electric- powered, so there would not be much of a problem. The next big thing that comes as a hurdle for many new beginners is the actual flying. The instructional manual is definitely helpful although tutorials from a flight instructor is almost SOP. The moment you are ready to fly an RC helicopter, you would still continue to practice until everything becomes perfect! Settle with a 4-channel model with rotating blade as well as an artificial, non- performing tail rotor. Do remember that you are not exempt from crashes. One good way to avoid plenty of them is to learn through an RC flight simulator that is usually connected to an RC radio- type device to your computer. Getting started is very easy. Buying is the most convenient. Just going through the whole process is another thing. Patience, commitment and determination to learn to fly an RC helicopter are needed to successfully get the feel of flying the real one.

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