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Amazing Aerial Photography in a Few Quick Steps using RC Helicopters

The RC helicopter camera has come into prominence in the RC world within recent years because of the innovative new options it affords RC helicopter enthusiast. It merges the fun and challenge of flying an RC helicopter with photography, a hobby that anyone can enjoy right away. As the use of remote control helicopters for aerial photography has increased over the years, it has brought RC helicopter cameras more and more into the mainstream, capturing the attention of non-RC enthusiasts and introducing them to an innovative way to combine multiple hobbies. If you would like to join this growing group of aerial photographers, read on to learn some tips and tricks of the trade: [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Double Horse 9053 Gyro Volitation"][/caption] Measure weight and size. One of the main considerations when getting a helicopter camera is how the additional weight of the camera would impact the helicopter. Ideally, the goal would be to have minimal addition weight in order to minimize the impact on the flight of the plane. If you choose a compact, budget point-and-shoot you may get away with a smaller sized helicopter. If you wish to go with a larger-scale DSLR camera, then you will need a much larger helicopter. A secondary consideration is also if and how it can be used with your other RC models such as the RC planes and land vehicles. Choose Electric. No matter what kind of camera you choose, we recommend that you control it with an electric powered helicopter. The electric powered-engines have much less shake and noise than the others, making it ideal for photography or filming. And if you are committed to RC aerial photography, you should invest in a relatively high-quality helicopter that is responsive and able to withstand additional weight. Consider damage. Another important factor is to consider whether you can afford to damage or lose the plane in a worst case scenario. While some cameras may be more crash-worthy than others, accidents do occur, so make sure that you are willing and able to absorb the costs associated with an accident. Now that you know how to take new and exciting photos, why would you keep your camera on the ground simply because your feet must be? Make the most of the latest advances in technology to take amazing aerial photographs that would not have been available to the average consumer in the past. Denver Marcus never gets tired of playing with RC helicopters. Since a very young age, he has always been excited with RC toys and his RC helicopters. He loves meeting people who also share the same passion for RC cars, trucks and toys like himself.  

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